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Biggest Laundry Challenges

It may surprise you how many common mistakes we all make with every wash load. Thankfully, Clean Laundry has some simple resolutions for these familiar challenges. Fading You can almost count on some fading to occur with most fabrics after several washes. One of the great benefits of washing your clothes at Clean Laundry is…

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3 Easy Ways to Wash Hats

With so many sunny days and sporting events upon us, hats and visors get a lot of sweat, dirt and grime.   With a little care, Clean Laundry can help take the nervous out of getting them clean and ready to wear again! 1.  Washing machine Care label Most hats do not have washing care labels. …

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How to Breeze through your Summer Laundry

Time to start thinking BBQ’s, swimming, camping and more!  With all those outdoor activities comes extra laundry!  Clean Laundry has put together some tips to make your laundry summertime fun! From the beach to the pool Be smart, as you unload the car and the kids, strip down and get all that wet sandy, strong…

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