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How To Wash Your Swimwear

As summer comes to an end, we’ve been asked many times in the store about washing bathing suits. Swimwear can be a pretty big investment and is constantly exposed to things like chlorine, sun, sand, sweat, and sunscreen. This makes the delicate fabric susceptible to serious wear-and-tear making it even more important to make sure…

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Safety First: Laundry Fire Prevention

At Clean Laundry, we believe in the importance of putting the safety and security of our customers above all else. That’s why we will continuously bring you safety information related to doing your laundry and our store. Dryer fires are a large hazard that most people do not associate with doing laundry. In fact, according…

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Five great tips for using bleach in your laundry!

Summer is the season for wearing white. However, summer and white clothing can be a dangerous and even lethal combination for your wardrobe! So, how does one keep from having a permanent BBQ stain on their crips white t-shirt? Or keep from dirt staining the bottom of those white pants? The answer is using bleach…

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