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How to get lint off your back!

Quite possibly the worst thing that can happen after doing a load of laundry is having your clothes covered in lint! Clean Laundry knows just how annoying it is to be doing laundry in the first place, but to pull out your fresh clean clothes and then have to pick the lint off as you…

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Is it time to hit the laundromat?

Doing laundry can feel like such a chore sometimes. And, we know how everyone feels about doing chores. We will find every excuse not to do anything we don’t want to do. Laundry always seems like it has an easy way out. “I’ll wash my bedding next week.” “I don’t need to wash my swimsuit,…

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Top 10 tips for better living!

A lot of questions come up when doing laundry, especially for the younger generations moving out of the house and having to do their laundry for the first time. At Clean Laundry we want our customers to understand the importance of doing laundry the right way so your clothes last longer, feel better, and keep…

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